Small parcel transportation

Document forwarding/ Express courier

Manage your formal express document delivery( mails, contracts, authorities, visas etc) with Barsii within a day!

Our exprienced colleagues help you in administration at bureau, office, embassy, chancellery in Hungary.


Small parcel transportation

Every company’s, enterprise’s life it is essential to provide quick and accurate customer service. It is getting more and more common that business partners require prompt execution.

Our company therefore offers solutions to this kind of prompt or short notice shipping which cannot be performed along with traditional, collecting shipping, not only in Hungary but throughout Europe. Taking into consideration the market prices, our approach is to provide competitive rates in this field compared to large logistic enterprises. Besides our reliability, our flexibility as well as the quality of our service, we have managed to become a trustful company for our customers.

We undertake to deliver goods and packages between the limits of 120x80x80cm and 400 kg anywhere in Europe(EU) and within the destination of 1000 km we provide 12-hour deadline for delivery.