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Small parcel transportation

Every company’s, enterprise’s life it is essential to provide quick and accurate customer service. It is getting more and more common that business partners require prompt execution.

Our company therefore offers solutions to this kind of prompt or short notice shipping which cannot be performed along with traditional, collecting shipping, not only in Hungary but throughout Europe. Taking into consideration the market prices, our approach is to provide competitive rates in this field compared to large logistic enterprises. Besides our reliability, our flexibility as well as the quality of our service, we have managed to become a trustful company for our customers.

We undertake to deliver goods and packages between the limits of 2 m³ and 600 kg, within 24 hours anywhere in Europe and within the destination of 1500 km we provide 12-hour deadline for delivery.

There are two categories based on the period after the place of order:

I. Category:

Prompt Delivery: after the order we send the shipment within one hour to the address of the destination.

Freightage: 0,45 € / Km


II. Category:

Express Delivery: after the order we send the shipment within 12 hours

Freightage: 0,35€ / Km

  • The above mentioned deadlines are valid for both categories except for vis mayor cases.
  • The freightage includes the expenses of the vehicular shipping (fuel, highway), however, it excludes VAT and the possible expenses of tunnels, ferries.
  • In case of a Hungarian order to issue a forint based invoice the central rate of the actual currency at the date of execution will be used.


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